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I Suck at Sarah J Maas Universe Theories, So I Invited An Expert

January 25, 2024 Charity the Booktrovert Reader Season 3 Episode 47
Booktrovert Reader Podcast
I Suck at Sarah J Maas Universe Theories, So I Invited An Expert
Booktrovert Reader Podcast
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In this conversation, Booktrovert Reader and Ana discuss theories and connections in Sarah J. Maas' Massverse with House of Sky and Breath. They explore the characters and relationships in the Crescent City series, particularly Bryce and Hunt. They also delve into the concept of parallel worlds and the possibility of different versions of characters existing in different timelines. We also discuss various theories and speculations about the characters and plot of the Crescent City series House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas. 


  • The Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas has sparked numerous theories and speculations among readers.
  • The character of Hunt raises many questions about his history and potential connections to other characters.
  • Being part of an ongoing series allows for ongoing discussions, theories, and excitement among readers.

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Booktrovert Reader (00:02.138)
Do you love a good SJM Masford's theory? I am a sucker for them, but I suck at finding them. With the Masfords expanding into other series, you can't help but wonder like what else is out there. And I wanna connect the dots, but I'm not the person to go to. So I decided to invite somebody that knows a lot more about the Masfords theories. And I'm just gonna tell you right now, if you haven't read it yet,

Please do so before diving into this because we are going into the master series. So with me bringing on an expert, we won't blow a brain cell to figure out ourselves. So hello readers. I am Charity Booktube reader with Anna who is known on Bookstagram as reads by Anna Ede. Oh my gosh. I butchered that. I'm sorry. And I'll definitely put the link below so you can find it. Don't don't.

Ana Hencey (00:52.069)
your five.

Booktrovert Reader (00:57.914)
quote me on that, where she finds theories so you don't have to. So this is the mass vs. spoilers. So Anna, definitely tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into the mass first.

Ana Hencey (01:14.542)
So I honestly, so I've always been an avid reader. And then, ooh, there's my dog. Sorry about that. I know, poor girl. So anyway, I got into the mass verse actually because a friend recommended to me to like just start reading it because I'm into fantasy. Can we pause so I can get her to stop talking? Okay, just two seconds. I'm gonna give her a treat.

Booktrovert Reader (01:23.914)
They want to be heard!

Booktrovert Reader (01:38.578)
Oh, yeah, no problem.

Ana Hencey (02:06.138)
So sorry, so sorry about that. So yes, anyway, I got into the maasverse first. Gosh, this was actually quite, she just wants to talk. I'm so sorry. Oh my gosh. Okay. Okay, we'll start again. Sorry.

Booktrovert Reader (02:08.996)
You're fine.

Booktrovert Reader (02:27.022)

Ana Hencey (02:28.206)
Um, so yes, I actually a friend recommended the series to me because I've always been super into fantasy and I had heard about it But I was honestly kind of intimidated to get into the series. Just the I mean like it's a journey um, and so I Finally was like, you know, i'm gonna try this out just like bought the first book Didn't commit to the whole series at first was like this is just like a lot, right? Like and so I started the first book. I think I read it in like three days

Booktrovert Reader (02:37.782)

Booktrovert Reader (02:54.17)

Ana Hencey (02:58.24)
and I had ordered, I had ordered like the next two in this series, but didn't want to wait for them to be delivered. So I canceled my order. I drove to my bookstore, and I immediately bought every single book like in the series. And then my husband gifted me a throne of glass for Christmas. And so then I went down that rabbit hole. But just like...

Booktrovert Reader (03:08.898)

Booktrovert Reader (03:13.794)

Ana Hencey (03:23.622)
once I started reading I was like, oh my god, like, what does this mean? Like having to look stuff up and then I started looking up just a little bit more about Sarah in general and like the fact that she wrote Throne of Glass or at least like

the first few books when she was 16 and then posted them online before it got picked up to be published. Like it's just insane to me. I'm like, what was I doing at 16? Like I was probably in my room at home with like my cute little webcam trying to make like funny videos to send to my friends, like burning, burning CDs on line wire. And here's this woman, this master

Booktrovert Reader (03:46.99)

Ana Hencey (04:07.188)
I was just like, oh my gosh, and then you just like start to relate to some of the characters and It just like speaks to your soul and like I don't know in a way it kind of like

brought me back to life a little bit. I don't know. So I think it's just kind of, it's interesting how like when you talk to people who've also read anything in the Massiverse that they find maybe one character or a couple of characters that they just like completely bond with and then it just like does something to them, right? Like they almost...

Booktrovert Reader (04:19.011)

Booktrovert Reader (04:33.441)

Ana Hencey (04:37.326)
I don't know, it almost saves them, I guess. But like, it's just something about the way that she writes these characters, how it literally just speaks to your soul. There's something about it that I think is just so magical.

Booktrovert Reader (04:50.314)
Yeah, because I think you even posted today about this, I guess, content creator talking about the subjective reading of like even the ACOTAR of like a court of silver and flame about whether you like Nesta or don't like Nesta. You know, you either really hate her or you really relate to her. So that's how Sarah J. Maas has created these characters. So I think she needed to create a relatable character. I didn't like it, but it needed to be done, you know.

Ana Hencey (05:19.654)
Yeah, I mean, I'm not going to lie to you. The first time that I read Silver Flames, like I was pissed because I'm like, I don't want to read an entire book from Nesta's perspective. And like, I mean, I still obviously read it, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books. And I think it was just because of how well she did at painting the picture of Nesta just being this awful person

Booktrovert Reader (05:19.682)

Booktrovert Reader (05:25.454)

Ana Hencey (05:49.528)
treated Feyre and I was like, God, this person sucks. And then, but then when I reread it the second time I was like, you know, like I can, I can understand her. I see her and I understand her. Do I still like, do I like her? Not necessarily, but I do see her and I do understand her. Like she's not somebody that I.

Booktrovert Reader (05:53.194)

Booktrovert Reader (06:02.862)

Ana Hencey (06:11.726)
personally would want around me. Maybe when it comes to battle if she's in the right mindset, but like I think I think with Nesta like she is such a volatile character and it's like it's her trauma. It's how she's responding to trauma. But I think why many people maybe didn't like her as much is because she is triggering in nature regardless of like the mother-daughter dynamic with her.

Booktrovert Reader (06:15.758)

Booktrovert Reader (06:26.967)

Booktrovert Reader (06:36.471)

Ana Hencey (06:41.88)
experiencing that trauma with the men in the village and then like the cauldron and all of that it's like it's a culmination of just like who she it's like who she's destined to be like this is her I think and so I think for a lot of people they're like oh man she sucks like you know move on and that was me that was me the first time I read it I was like god she is terrible but then you kind of can look past

Booktrovert Reader (06:55.098)
All right.

Booktrovert Reader (06:58.59)

Booktrovert Reader (07:03.386)

Ana Hencey (07:07.742)
maybe just like that surface level stuff when you're reading that. And like, I don't know. I think that's why it's important to like be able to have some of those conversations because some people like, they will go to war. They will go to war for some of these characters. That is not a joke. I mean, like I, like you've seen me post about Hunt, Athalar and like my theories about him. People are like, they will pop off in the comments. And I'm like, it's not because I don't like him. I'm literally, I'm not saying he's a bad person.

Booktrovert Reader (07:19.257)
Look at you man.

Booktrovert Reader (07:27.142)

Ana Hencey (07:37.756)
he's just not doing it for me as a character in this book. Like, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Booktrovert Reader (07:41.24)
I'm sorry.

Booktrovert Reader (07:47.194)
Oh boy, it's... I do like it when people do come out with knives because, you know, it's, you know, you see the passion behind it, but at the same time, like, chill. It's okay. Sarah J. Maas is going to write her book the way she wants to write it, and you can't control it, you know? But just like how you fell in love with Tamlin you know.

Ana Hencey (07:57.963)

Ana Hencey (08:13.882)
Yeah, same thing, same thing. I mean, people still, there's still some people out there that are like, I mean, I like him. I don't think he's doing anything wrong. And I'm like, I'm happy for you. Genuinely, I'm happy for you. Yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (08:24.251)
Let's part way as friends. So we have obviously Crescent City 3 coming out. You know, we read the first two books and I just finished it the previous night before. Now that's what we're here for is those theories because Sarah J Maas is going down the whole of the Maasverse, connecting it all.

I was watching some of your videos about string theories and I'm like, oh boy. And the hot topic I want to talk about is Bryce and Hunt being in endgame. I just love it.

Ana Hencey (08:53.666)

Ana Hencey (09:04.278)
Okay, so, and I keep bringing this interview up, like.

Yes, she said they're mates. I accept that. And like they have said they're mates, like I don't even know how many times in House of Sky and Breath their sense have merged. Like we get it. Okay. They're mates. I understand. I understand. But like, I don't know that they're end game. And I personally don't think Sarah thinks that they're end game either because she also in that same interview said, but that doesn't mean they're both going to make it to the end.

Booktrovert Reader (09:13.901)

Ana Hencey (09:39.552)
And I'm like, so are we just going to gloss over the fact that she kind of slipped that little nugget of information in there? Because she, she's an evil mastermind. Like, yeah, okay, the whole, like in, in ACOTAR when, um, like Rhys died, like she brought him back. So everyone's like clinging to the theory, like, okay, well, if this happens, like it's fine because she's going to bring him back.

And I'm like, perhaps, but maybe not in the way that we expect. So I just, and I also don't think it's just gonna be three books. I think it's gonna be like at least another one because there's four houses.

Booktrovert Reader (10:13.262)
Oh no.

Booktrovert Reader (10:17.354)
Yeah. Um, I, I mean, I did my, you know, simple tabbing, my pitiful tabbing. I was trying. I was like...

Ana Hencey (10:27.986)
Oh my gosh, and my, look at mine, mine's insane. Oh my gosh.

Booktrovert Reader (10:33.338)
like that's why I'm not the expert.

Booktrovert Reader (10:37.806)
But I'm just saying you know, because if I noticed anything, you know, she does intentionally put certain things in her books. So when he was like, he was holding his mate's hand for the last time. And you know, and then of course, I think very, confirm this for me, I think his mind just got wiped. Like every bond that he had got just totally taken away from him. So I'm like...

You gotta be kidding me. Ha ha ha.

Ana Hencey (11:09.866)
I, okay, so I don't even know if like the hunt that we have experienced throughout Crescent City so far is actually like who hunt really is. Because like, toward I think it was like probably the last third of House of Skye and Breath where Bryce meets with the Prince of the Pit and he casually says like, oh, hunt was bred

Booktrovert Reader (11:23.431)

Booktrovert Reader (11:35.511)

Ana Hencey (11:39.82)
um sense like demons or whatever and it's like okay if he has such a high affinity for hunting demons or anybody that's coming out of hell don't you find that a little bit strange like my personal theory is that he was like his father he was probably bred by one of the like one of the princes of hell if not if not the apolian

Booktrovert Reader (12:03.77)

Booktrovert Reader (12:08.054)
Yeah, because they were talking about that at the end is that they were breeding out certain things.

Ana Hencey (12:08.258)
who's Prince of the Pit. Yeah.

Yes, yes. And so like, for that to just like that one sentence, where he was like, he is, he's he knows where to look for us, like he knows, like it's within him, like it's part of him. And I think to like, I can't remember if it was House of Earth and Blood or House of Sky and Breath, the part where they talk about Prince Pelias, and Thea are the I think that's how

Queen who they were like, they were saying that like the Prince of the pit stole Prince Pelas's blood and combined it with his essence. And so and I'm like, and that was mentioned a couple of times. And then the whole like breeding thing keeps coming up in House of Sky and Breath. And I'm like, was hunt actually bred by somebody's blood and then the essence of the Prince of the pit to become this?

Booktrovert Reader (12:51.395)

Ana Hencey (13:12.31)
because he's essentially, he's been a slave this whole time, whether it was, whether he was marked by that stamp or not because he was essentially a slave to the Legion that he served before.

like during the rebellion or whatever, because he just blindly followed Shahar into battle. And he said that multiple times. So I'm like, does he even, he probably doesn't understand like who or what he is because he's just been following those people in the same way that he's like following Bryce to do whatever, like made or not. Like he's just, he's doing it because somebody is leading him to it.

Booktrovert Reader (13:35.086)

Booktrovert Reader (13:53.322)
Yeah, because I think one theory I saw when I went down my Reddit hole was that Hunt could be possibly not technically a mate, but more of the knight. They talked about having a knight.

Ana Hencey (14:07.63)

Booktrovert Reader (14:08.674)
That's what I read. But I don't know, I guess in my mind and I could be missing details because I was trying to get through this was there was a lot of times where in Hunt's point of view, he kept talking mate, his scent with hers, but not when it came to Bryce's point of view. It wasn't mentioned as much. So it was interesting to see a read.

Ana Hencey (14:31.906)
Well, and that's why I was like skeptical too, because I'm thinking of it as like in the face sense of the word mate, like how like Rhys and Feyre, for example, like they like he knew immediately right when he saw her and then like she felt like they felt the bond snap in place and it was pretty distinct and like

Booktrovert Reader (14:48.282)

Ana Hencey (14:56.418)
Then, I don't know, and then later, like whenever in House of Sky and Breath, when they were in the depth charger and then like they finally, you know, did the deed, he, and like, like it was like this experience or whatever, like she felt like part of herself. I don't know, it was just, it was weird. The way that she talked about it, I think was a little bit different than what she has traditionally talked about in the sense of the word mate, but then also.

Booktrovert Reader (15:05.902)

Booktrovert Reader (15:20.819)

Ana Hencey (15:23.806)
You have to look at, you look at like Danika and Baxian, they're mates, but they're two different species. So like, what is it in Crescent City about this word that like is, I think that's what people are trying to figure out, like sure, are they mates, but are they really mates in the sense that like, she's been talking about it? I don't know, I don't know. I'm a little confused about that part, I will admit.

Booktrovert Reader (15:52.014)
Well, you know, something I noticed at the end is that they might have a term in Crescent City but it's a totally different term in ACOTAR or Throne of Glass. So they have used the word mate throughout, you know, in those terms but, you know, I don't know, maybe that's just cohesive thing but why is mate is the only thing that is the most cohesive word used throughout all the series.

Ana Hencey (16:01.335)

Ana Hencey (16:17.834)
And I guess maybe too why it's so murky is because Crescent City is such a, like it's such a more modern book for her.

Booktrovert Reader (16:23.418)

Ana Hencey (16:25.494)
but then it has like those concepts of like the fey and like the rules of the packs and all of that. I mean, you see like with the autumn king, how he's trying to hold on to like those old timing values. And so I feel like that's that piece where she's trying to bring that in, but I don't know. I feel like with the term mate, like it seems pretty, it's like across all three series is pretty much the same. Like, you know, we're lifers, right? Like, so I don't know.

Booktrovert Reader (16:39.519)

Booktrovert Reader (16:52.663)

Ana Hencey (16:55.568)
I don't know. I'm I feel like with I don't I just think I think hunt for me is just like he's sketchy He's just sketchy. I don't trust him. I Don't I don't know Yes

Booktrovert Reader (17:05.602)
He charges the battery, you know, like she can draw power from a lot of people, but he is like kind of that thunderbird that they talked about a little bit and can really charge her up to do what she can do. So I'm like, I think he's got a different use.

Ana Hencey (17:23.874)
So that was also to like, so Bryce is essentially like she herself as a physical being in my opinion is now she's the fourth item of the Dread Trove because she has the horn in her.

Booktrovert Reader (17:38.77)

Ana Hencey (17:41.942)
So like, what does that mean in terms of like, how it's gonna play out with the other three items, because they're physical things, they're not humans, but they do have a certain like, sentience to them. And so, I'm, and while I was reading, and I don't know if I'm just like, completely off base or spiraling again, but when I was reading like, with her being the horn

Booktrovert Reader (17:56.055)

Booktrovert Reader (18:05.521)

Ana Hencey (18:11.856)
wield it and having hunt or whoever, right, like zap her with power to be able to access the horn. To me, it almost is pretty similar to in Throne of Glass, like in Kingdom of Ash when Alyn and Dorian forged the law.

So like, because she's an actual, she's a conduit and the lock is a conduit. Like they had to imbue it with their power in order for it to work. So to me, I'm like, so is Bryce then, is she essentially the lock? Is she a key to be able to open up these gates again? So I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like,

Booktrovert Reader (18:33.218)

Ana Hencey (18:54.846)
Because here's another thing, we still don't know what is happening with the two other Val Kings from Throne of Glass.

Booktrovert Reader (18:58.862)

Booktrovert Reader (19:03.99)
Yeah, yeah.

Ana Hencey (19:06.11)
Like they're not just hanging out, having a tea party. Like they are like, no, and they're more powerful. They're the more powerful ones too. So I like, I just, I'm thinking like maybe that's kind of the connection here with like Bryce and then maybe the throne of glass world. But I also have other theories about that too. But it's just like, I feel like she in the same way kind of represents.

Booktrovert Reader (19:27.034)

Ana Hencey (19:31.898)
that gate or that lock or that key something like is important with her being able to like open something in order to let something in.

Booktrovert Reader (19:38.208)

Booktrovert Reader (19:41.69)
Hmm, that is a good theory. I'm rereading through. Yeah. I think three is going to solve a lot of our whole theories, answer them, give us more to question in life.

Ana Hencey (19:44.59)
I haven't really fully worked it out yet.

Ana Hencey (19:53.175)

Ana Hencey (19:57.29)
She's gonna rip our hearts out, I'm sure. I'm so sure of it. I'm gonna have to take a week off to recover. Yes, literally, I plan to.

Booktrovert Reader (20:04.386)
Sick six days.

Booktrovert Reader (20:10.155)
I thought about doing the same thing that you did. I would just cancel my Barnes and Noble edition and just going to pick up the book because I don't want to wait a week and a half to finally get my copy because they're going to be spoilers pilfering everything.

Ana Hencey (20:24.886)
Well, there's already spoilers. I mean, I guess like, I don't know if you saw, but like the whole book was leaked, I guess at some point. Yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (20:30.662)
Oh yeah, I heard it was only a few chapters and then I saw in the book tok said it was the whole book. I was shocked about that. And then of course Bloomsbury released something too and a lot of people got mad about that. And I'm like, well, you know, if you haven't read it by now.

Ana Hencey (20:36.866)
That's what I saw too.

Ana Hencey (20:49.514)
Yeah. And I mean, I get it why people are upset if they haven't read it, but also, because like, it's I mean, it's been a hot second since the book has been published. So and I don't feel like they could have really posted much else in terms of like, in relation, I mean, in relation to Bryce, as far as like a little sneak peek without, without saying what's going on because like,

Booktrovert Reader (20:55.287)

Booktrovert Reader (21:02.775)
Yeah, two years. Yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (21:10.723)

Ana Hencey (21:16.03)
I mean, she's literally in Pyrthian and so, and we don't know how she's gonna make it back, if she makes it back or what's gonna happen.

Booktrovert Reader (21:24.298)
I know I'm kind of excited to see how that works out because the theory that you had was the string theory. And like it kind of reminds me, I don't know if you saw Star Trek, like the alternate universe kind of a, it's like a different version of themselves, but that's how I thought of it. But then when you explained it, I'm like, okay, so tell me about your string theory. Oh, and before we get into string theory.

Ana Hencey (21:42.068)

Booktrovert Reader (21:52.27)
going back to Bryce and Hunt being endgame, your theory was that there could be a chance that Bryce and Azariel

Ana Hencey (22:03.29)
Oh, yeah, I, I'm, I'm team Bryce and as for sure. And I okay, so I say that because of that Faye prophecy that they talked about where sword and dagger if they come together, then the people will be at peace.

Booktrovert Reader (22:14.286)

Ana Hencey (22:19.758)
So, I mean, and they, like the Star Sword and Asriel's Truth Teller, they're made of the same type of stone, that same meteorite. And so like, I mean, that prophecy, I feel like that's a little bit of foreshadowing. Like we know they're gonna be spending time together. We know from that teaser that Bloomsbury posted that they're spending time together, they're working together. So.

Booktrovert Reader (22:19.873)

Booktrovert Reader (22:30.542)

Ana Hencey (22:45.498)
I don't, I think, I'm for it. And I know that made a lot of people mad too, but I'm like, I'm sorry, but sweet baby Az, he needs his moment and he certainly isn't getting it from Elaine that we know of.

Booktrovert Reader (22:50.542)

Booktrovert Reader (22:59.13)
He would have been so desperate for us to get his moment, but I wasn't, I was first, second there. I was like, okay, him and Elaine. I was on that train for a while, but then when I heard your theory, I'm like, all right, I'm kicking that one to the curve and I'm going to stay on the Bryce one.

Ana Hencey (23:12.37)
Yeah. Well, okay. So like with the whole string theory thing, it's like, I mean, just with the timing of things, like it makes sense that those timelines overlap in some way. Cause like, but the, the worlds themselves, like

they're representative of a different time, but that could also just, it could be like anything that you talk about now. It's like comparing third world countries that maybe don't have access to certain tech as us. So they're not as advanced as us. It's the same concept, I think, with this. And obviously in House of Sky and Breath, like you towards the end when Bryce is in the archives and she sees like all the timelines, the planets, like all of this stuff.

Booktrovert Reader (23:40.174)

Ana Hencey (23:55.67)
puts into perspective like, okay, yeah, like this is definitely something that is occurring or has been occurring for a really long time, but then she lands in Prithian and just the timing of that.

it's off by like, I think maybe a few months, or maybe even a year, but like, what if, it is a different planet, like you're in a different galaxy. It's the same thing, like those gates, it's like you're in an elevator, right? You step off on that floor, sure, it might be the same layout, but the way things are placed in the room are totally different. The shape of the furniture is different or whatever. It's the same kind of concept of that.

Booktrovert Reader (24:22.34)

Ana Hencey (24:37.746)
Um, so I don't know. I think I really, really am rooting for Bryce and Asriel. I truly am. And again, it's nothing against Hunt. I just feel like we don't really, like, not only do we not know anything about him, he to me personally hasn't really done anything personality wise for me to like, want to root for him. Like, yeah, like I'm, and I'm not shutting down anything that he did in the past and like,

Booktrovert Reader (24:43.746)
I'm sorry.

Ana Hencey (25:05.922)
the slave status and fighting for his freedom, but he also did some shady stuff in House of Earth and Blood with the whole synth thing, the whole rebellion thing too on the boat, and it was just like he lied to Bryce. Regardless if he came to stop the whole transaction at the end, he still lied, knew about it for an extended period amount of time. Like...

Booktrovert Reader (25:11.619)

Booktrovert Reader (25:26.275)

Ana Hencey (25:28.606)
Why would you do that knowing it's impacting her, her mental health, her relationship with people? Like, I don't know, I just, it's different than the other people in the, like look at Rune, who like his personality, it's like, yeah, he likes to party, he does, you know, whatever extracurriculars at his parties and like all this stuff, but like, he's still making a valiant effort. He's like standing up to his dad. He's looking out for his sister.

Booktrovert Reader (25:33.218)

Booktrovert Reader (25:47.254)

Ana Hencey (25:53.974)
he's helping out his friends. He helps out Ethan, who apparently, that whole politics surrounding the wolves and the fae, he's going out of his way to be a good guy and then his relationship with Day and wanting to bust her out of the, all of that. It's just, to me, it's like apples and oranges. I don't know. And then Asriel just being, from what I can tell, a good guy.

with the inner circle, he's always looking out for Feyre, like, be careful how you talk about my high lady. Like, I don't know, I just think the dynamic is a little bit different, like, and everything with Haunt seems to be more surface level.

Booktrovert Reader (26:28.843)

Booktrovert Reader (26:35.122)
Yeah, it's like very self centered on just Bryce and Bryce alone. And it's kind of like almost like a Tamlin situation. You know, but let's guess we'll see. Maybe that would be brought to light because some things went down at the end of House of Sky and Breath. So

Ana Hencey (26:56.73)
Yeah, I mean, I remember like the first time I read it, I was like, what? Are you kidding? And my husband's like, what's going on? Are you okay? And I was like, you wouldn't get it because you haven't read the books. But like, I'm freaking out.

Booktrovert Reader (27:01.934)

Booktrovert Reader (27:07.958)

Booktrovert Reader (27:11.754)
All right, so let's go down the string theory. And I thought it was pretty interesting at the end that she's like, this person looked like Fury, this person looked like Rune. So I was like, huh, I wonder what that's about.

Ana Hencey (27:30.05)
So yeah, I think I made.

This was a few weeks ago, maybe another video where I'm like, these people are just like different versions of themselves. And it reminded me of a different book that I had read where yeah, you're able to walk through these portals and it brings you to just like another layer of that same world or same universe. It's just a different timeline. So you're able to see a twin version of yourself, but you don't recognize them because there's something that's just slightly different, right? And so

Booktrovert Reader (27:40.228)

Booktrovert Reader (27:51.098)

Ana Hencey (28:04.634)
I am curious how that's gonna play out because the whole thing with that it's like okay so then is there another version of Bryce out there somewhere that we don't know of or like is there because if that's the case like yeah this person is has a lot of related to like recent rune right and then a lot of people have been connecting the dots with like Amaranth and Fury. So I'm just like okay so.

Booktrovert Reader (28:15.438)

Booktrovert Reader (28:27.723)

Ana Hencey (28:31.65)
So what's the deal here? Is there another version of Bryce? Or like, who then would be like another version of... I don't know. I don't know. Like... I'm trying to piece it all together. Because like the only other redhead in the ACOTAR world was Amarantha and... Or I guess Gwyn.

Booktrovert Reader (28:42.382)

Booktrovert Reader (28:50.35)
Oh yeah, Gwyn. Which Gwyn is a possible, like a theory one person had was like Gwyn and Az as well.

Ana Hencey (28:59.13)
Yeah, yeah, which like, I don't know, maybe, I mean, maybe. I think there's just we didn't have enough with them together truly like are interacting together to like, maybe really have an idea of it. It's just like there's like that flirtatious, whatever happening but

Booktrovert Reader (29:18.088)

Ana Hencey (29:19.25)
I'm, maybe it is Gwyn, maybe Gwyn and Bryce. Maybe that's the two parallels between the worlds, if that's the case. Like if that truly is the case, like they're just different versions of themselves, then maybe the two of them are twins. Ha ha ha, plot twist.

Booktrovert Reader (29:35.532)

Booktrovert Reader (29:39.232)

Oh, we'll never know until, you know, probably four years from now.

Ana Hencey (29:45.942)
I know she's gonna be writing for like the rest of her life and I promise you I will be buried with her books. I will be buried with her books.

Booktrovert Reader (29:53.33)
The next like, what's that one? Game of Thrones series? Yeah. I mean, she's got a solid career because I'm actually starting to see different industries, like gaming industries or things like that is now talking about ACOTAR about her books. I'm watching Sims 4 and they're building a house and they're like, yeah, we need fairies because this is popular. And

What? Like this is linked into other industries on YouTube and everything. It is very cool. Like people are demanding fairies in a game because of ACOTAR. So I'm like, wow. So she is, I mean, she is like a celebrity now. She's bigger celebrity than movie celebrities in my world.

Ana Hencey (30:37.486)
She's literally taken over the world. Actually.

Ana Hencey (30:48.618)
I don't think I have any Google alerts ever set on my phone except for anything that is related to her or any of her books. So it's like, anytime my phone pings, I'm like, oh, what's happening? Is it Bloomsbury? Is it Sarah? What's going on? Which like, with her show too, I do hope that like part of me hopes that she can hold out for like a bigger platform, like Amazon to pick it up or like even HBO, which.

Booktrovert Reader (30:53.688)

Booktrovert Reader (31:03.255)

Booktrovert Reader (31:13.983)
Oh, was it Hulu at first that picked her up?

Ana Hencey (31:16.122)
Yeah, and I mean, I don't know, I haven't seen anything else that's come up with it, like, still being on or off, but I don't know.

Booktrovert Reader (31:23.302)
I keep hearing it going back and forth between it and I think I'm actually kind of nervous for it to come out just because she's definitely not going to please everybody in this because they're such diehard fans and if they do take more creative liberty in creating this, I think they're just going to be more angry people.

Ana Hencey (31:25.953)

Ana Hencey (31:48.094)
Yeah, yeah, and nothing against Hulu. I just feel like she just needs a bigger budget to be able to do what she needs to do with it. So, oh yeah, 100%, or even like Showtime, somebody like that, that doesn't.

Booktrovert Reader (31:53.31)
Oh yeah, she needs a Lord of the Rings budget on Amazon. You know, right, because I don't think I mean I don't have Hulu just because I don't like what they produce these days so I yeah. But yeah, I'm hoping for the best. So in my Reddit search for finding theories. One person theorized that Bryce might be part of

the dust court of Pyrthian So the reason being is that SJM has said that she is a fan of the last unicorn. A movie book that follows the story of Lady Althea, the last remaining unicorn, discovers lately that all the other unicorns have been trapped in the waves and remained in prison there for years. This is very similar to how the people of the dust court were described when Nesta went to the prison and heard their echoes.

Not only that, but Lady Alethea also happens to have 8-pointed star on her forehead, where her horn is supposed to be, when she is in human form. The same 8-pointed star that is both the symbol of the star-born fae and the symbol that is on the forehead of the character in the cover of Crested City 3. In a Court of Silverflame, there is a mention of Pegasus.

And we are told that they came from the prison island, the same place where the dust court used to be. Bryce's favorite toy is Jelly Jewelry, which is also happens to be a Pegasus Unicorn. There is also a Pegasus Unicorn, the cover of all three CC books. And in the reveal video that SJM posted for Christmas 73 that there was a Pegasus toy on her desk.

Ana Hencey (33:41.942)
It's a lot. It's a lot to unpack.

Booktrovert Reader (33:43.451)
That's a lot, right? I got one, oh yeah. I found it, it's somebody else's.

Ana Hencey (33:49.042)
I did see that too. And then like also just the fact that she's in Prithian, like it's also important to note that it's Helian that has like, I think 13 Pegasus, Pegasi. I don't know the plural word for it, but so that has to tie into that somehow, especially since Nesta also has the eight pointed star.

Booktrovert Reader (34:08.818)
Mm. Ha ha ha.

Ana Hencey (34:19.236)
tattooed on her and Bryce has it on her chest. Also Cassian has it too. He has the same eight-pointed star tattooed on him because they bargained together. So I don't know what that necessarily means for him but obviously he's gonna be pretty prevalent.

Booktrovert Reader (34:20.843)
Mm. Okay.

Booktrovert Reader (34:31.598)

Ana Hencey (34:40.562)
in the next Akitar book, which yay, she's working on it, but I feel like it's gonna be like years before we even get it. So I'm curious how, so since we know it's overlapping, I'm curious then how moving forward, since Crescent City is ongoing and Akitar is ongoing, how that's, what that's gonna mean for the other characters. So I don't know, I don't know.

Booktrovert Reader (34:45.806)
Oh yes.

Booktrovert Reader (35:11.457)
Doesn't she have another series that she might be working on as well?

Ana Hencey (35:14.602)
Yes, and it was like, it was like Viking related. Yeah, yeah, I didn't deep dive into that just because I was like knee deep in like this stuff, but.

Booktrovert Reader (35:20.633)
Ooh, I love that. Okay. I'm here.

Booktrovert Reader (35:29.213)

Ana Hencey (35:31.81)
Yeah, and I don't, I don't think I've heard anything more outside of the Bloomsbury announcing that yes, there's gonna be seven more titles that she's contracted for. But like, I mean, I don't know, as an author, it's like, once you start writing, like, who knows, maybe there's more to be said after that. So

Booktrovert Reader (35:50.402)
I mean, in Sky and Breath, they were talking about all kinds of different worlds, like seven of them, I think, in that timeline. So she's probably used Sky and Breath as her platform to get it going. This is the setup to know more and understand more. And who knows with her? She'll probably start talking about it in very subtle ways in the next books and then she'll throw it at us and yeah, we're going down the theory hole again.

Ana Hencey (36:06.961)

Ana Hencey (36:20.978)
Oh, again, it's gonna be, like I said, we'll be old and gray, still trying to figure it out. And I don't know, I don't know. She's an evil mastermind, like I said. And I know she's a fan of happy endings. I'm aware of that fact, but that doesn't mean that she isn't going to completely make us cry and bask in a river of our tears until that happens. Yes.

Booktrovert Reader (36:24.706)

Booktrovert Reader (36:39.566)
with a heart.

Booktrovert Reader (36:44.734)
Roll it to the tears of our sadness and oh, there's a happy ending by the way. Yeah. Right. And I, oh, I, man, I'm going I'm sad about Cormac. I'm very sad. I wasn't getting attached to him, but. He's got such a sad story, but he's got a lot of background on him, though, too.

Ana Hencey (36:49.782)
But like, enjoy. Thank you, but enjoy. Ha ha ha.

Ana Hencey (37:00.65)
I know, and like...

Ana Hencey (37:07.322)
Yes. And so that's why I'm like, that's why I'm like, okay, so what's going to happen with women? Because I mean, we know somebody is going to die. We know.

Booktrovert Reader (37:15.255)

Ana Hencey (37:19.518)
We know, I'm like, it's gonna be hot. Like I've been preaching that for a while, but he's very like to me, like, and I'm not a very religious person. So like for some of her stuff, I'm like, oh, what does this mean? I have to look it up because there is a lot of ties into certain religions and like concepts that she puts in her stories. And so, and actually somebody commented on my other video. They're like, yeah, he's definitely gonna die, but it's all very like Jesus coded. And I'm like, you know, it's kind of true

Booktrovert Reader (37:23.322)

Booktrovert Reader (37:35.756)

Ana Hencey (37:49.692)
like the tattoo on the forehead was like the barbed thorns or whatever and like essentially like I mean the whole Asteri thing at the end like they're gonna torture him again with the dun- I don't know it's just gonna be I think it's something related to that but like whatever he comes back as evidently like I'm assuming that's what's gonna happen after he dies because he will die.

Booktrovert Reader (37:55.906)

Booktrovert Reader (38:10.616)

Booktrovert Reader (38:15.642)

Ana Hencey (38:19.251)

Booktrovert Reader (38:19.342)
I'm just saying, okay, I think I just had a theory in my head. I mean, I could be wrong, you know, you, um, so he's, hunt's been around for a long time, right? And they, yeah, so they pinned his wings to wherever that place was as like, as a kind of a, um, like a trophy almost. And then he's like, then hunt knew nothing at all after this guy wiped, basically wiped his mind away. What if.

Ana Hencey (38:28.614)
Mm-hmm. He's 233, I think they said.

Ana Hencey (38:47.054)

Booktrovert Reader (38:49.11)
That's not the first time they did it to him.

Ana Hencey (38:51.976)

I'm 100% with you. That's why I'm saying like, that's why we don't, like the fact that he is so surface level, I mean genuinely, he is so surface level, even like he's so cocky and arrogant, and it's not like in a funny or cute way that like Cassian is cocky and arrogant, or even how Rhys is like, oh I'm the most handsome high lord, right? Like it's the fact that there's literally nothing else. He is either kill, or yeah, I'm hot. Like there's no,

Booktrovert Reader (39:13.132)

Booktrovert Reader (39:22.298)

Ana Hencey (39:22.832)
There is literally nothing else about him that provides depth, I think, outside of like, he literally just wants to hook up with Bryce and he'll protect her at all costs. Like I love that for him. Genuinely, I do. I'm happy that you're protecting your girl. But what else is there about you that...

Booktrovert Reader (39:43.482)

Ana Hencey (39:45.19)
that like is making you a valuable character in this sense. So like, or maybe it's coming, maybe it's coming, but just obviously with that ending, but like, how has it taken nearly 1600 pages for us to like maybe get something out of you though? Like that's where I'm at. I'm like, you don't know who you are. He doesn't know who he is. He has no freaking clue. He doesn't know anything about.

Booktrovert Reader (39:59.79)

Ana Hencey (40:14.11)
anything about his life because he then...

Booktrovert Reader (40:15.974)
Yeah, like we didn't spend a lot of time in his past even in his own POV. I mean, there were some things about who he used to serve, but that was just touch and go.

Ana Hencey (40:21.021)

Ana Hencey (40:25.662)
Yeah, and the fact that he was like, he talked about, oh, she, like, I think, Shahar, I believe that's how you pronounce it. Like, I have no clue. I'm trying my best, I will say, with the pronunciations, but like, how he said that she never, like, brought him out in public or, you know, anything like that, and yeah, or like, there was really, like, he loved her.

Booktrovert Reader (40:37.434)

Booktrovert Reader (40:44.554)
Never called him like mate or anything like that, yeah.

Ana Hencey (40:51.702)
But it's like, was that an actual feeling of love or was that something that like you were made to feel because you're being manipulated by your maker?

Booktrovert Reader (41:05.629)
Mmm, yeah.

Ana Hencey (41:06.818)
Cause even still, oh, the one thing I will say about that, when the Prince of the Pit visited him in his mind, the very first time in House of Sky and Breath, when he was asleep and he was like, I'm tied to a chair and I can't get up.

Booktrovert Reader (41:14.254)

Ana Hencey (41:23.51)
and he's like, I heard the beat of leathery wings. Actually, I think I have it marked. But like, he, I thought that was strange or like maybe even a little bit of foreshadowing happening there because he's, part of him has to be part demon, I think.

Booktrovert Reader (41:46.441)
Mm. Okay.

Ana Hencey (41:47.97)
So like, he has this huge affinity to hunt down these demons or he knows where they are or where they're lurking. I feel like that's part of him, who he is, like he senses them. But then like when he had that dream or whatever, or that vision, and he was talking to the prince of the pit, he was bound to a chair and he couldn't get up.

So I feel like this is, like that is gonna be a recurring theme outside of him being tortured by the Asteri or whoever. But like that's obviously a place he's been before because it was much different when he talked to Bryce. Like she could freely, like there was no restraint when it came to her. So.

Booktrovert Reader (42:11.657)

Booktrovert Reader (42:25.931)

Booktrovert Reader (42:35.778)
What if like, what if he's bound in something else too, you know, like something deep that we don't know about.

Ana Hencey (42:42.378)
What if it's, yeah, like I feel like he's just being manipulated and

Booktrovert Reader (42:47.446)
What if he's being manipulated into thinking that he is connected to Bryce so they can be that battery and that connection in that way?

Ana Hencey (42:58.406)
Yeah, okay, yeah, or look at like how Maeve did with Rowan as a valed queen, how she like controlled his mind, made him believe that he had a mate. Like how is, and then it turns out that she was absolutely not his mate, but I mean.

Booktrovert Reader (43:11.286)

Ana Hencey (43:19.33)
Perhaps they are, like we know they're mates, correct? We know they're mates, but I feel like he's being manipulated, yes, outside of just like Bryce, like their relationship. I feel like he's being manipulated to like leading her down a specific road, ultimately, that will lead to his demise or maybe her demise, I don't know.

Booktrovert Reader (43:41.57)
Well, it was predicted in the first book that Bryce will be his demise.

Ana Hencey (43:48.742)
Yes. So I don't know, cause like the whole theme of the, like the series is like, is death, is death and dying. Like war is coming. And so I don't know. I don't know. I don't, I think like that scene of him being tied to that chair when he was talking to the prince of the pit, I need to find what page that is because I know I marked it somewhere and.

Booktrovert Reader (43:51.106)

Booktrovert Reader (43:58.264)

Booktrovert Reader (44:13.506)
I remember you to, I remember reading it myself, but.

Booktrovert Reader (44:19.403)

Ana Hencey (44:19.73)
Okay, page, I think it's page, let's see.

Ana Hencey (44:38.744)
I'll find it. Oh, here it is, I think. Page 237 of House of Sky and Breath. I have the hardcover too, so I don't know if that matters. Okay. Yes. So it's page 237 that where he like...

Booktrovert Reader (44:44.09)

Booktrovert Reader (44:48.17)
Oh, I have a theory about Cormac too. I just, we'll get to it. I just, I was thinking about it a little bit. Um.

Ana Hencey (44:58.642)
Or it says, hunt sat in a simple folding chair at the bottom of an abyss, nothing but blackness around him the only light coming from the faint glow cast by his body. There was no beginning or end to the perpetual night.

And then if you go down a little bit, he said he didn't want Bryce in a place like this, so dark and empty and yet awake. Wings rustled nearby, not the soft feathers of his wings, but something leathery and dry. And then the next paragraph down, it says his booted feet were glued to the black floor. And then the leathery wings whispered again, and like there was the prince of the pit.

Booktrovert Reader (45:12.706)

Booktrovert Reader (45:39.666)
I wonder if like, in third and glass, they were talking about that black stone that was constantly used. So I wonder if that's kind of like the same.

Ana Hencey (45:45.205)

Ana Hencey (45:49.974)
Well, yeah, and then because like, whenever Bryce sees the Prince of the Pit again, she's like, she describes him as being like very attractive, like blonde hair, tan skin, but she mentioned his eyes were completely black. And so I'm like, so then are the Princes of Hell Valg?

Booktrovert Reader (46:11.786)
Yeah, because that's how they eventually get turned is when they start blacking out right there.

Ana Hencey (46:12.99)
Are they, yeah.

Ana Hencey (46:19.454)
Mm-hmm. And then the mention of Han's eyes has always been his dark eyes. His dark eyes, his dark eyes, his dark eyes. So that's what that's why my theory is like maybe he is like he was bred by one of the princes of hell. The particular the prince of the pit just because he

Booktrovert Reader (46:26.263)
Mm. What if he's Vogue?

Ana Hencey (46:41.17)
infiltrated his mind and he like I said he was bound to this chair so maybe he's one of their messengers I Don't know as a fallen angel

Booktrovert Reader (46:43.14)

Booktrovert Reader (46:50.05)
didn't um I correct me wrong but in throwing a glass that kind of what happened to Katrina is it kept Kaltang yeah that kind of that was kind of what happened with her with the black stone and them whispering in her mind and things like that I could be wrong but

Ana Hencey (46:59.202)
or uh, kelpane, kelpane.

Ana Hencey (47:09.298)
Yeah, well, so with hers, I think the only the difference there is that she had the word stone in her, like they put it in her arm. And with Hunt, like if he's if he is bred by one of the Princess of Hell who are Vogue, if we're going to go with that theory, then perhaps

Booktrovert Reader (47:18.803)

Booktrovert Reader (47:31.425)

Ana Hencey (47:34.126)
that essence of that evilness, right, is already in him. In the same way that Dorian was questioning whether he was human or valg, because the king, his father, he'd already been infested with valg at that point when he sired him. So he was like, oh my gosh, is this who I am? Am I human or am I not?

Booktrovert Reader (47:54.914)

Ana Hencey (48:01.814)
So maybe it's the same thing.

Booktrovert Reader (48:01.862)
And I think, yeah, and I think when they rescued Kaltane that last time, they were doing that, they were trying to breed the Valk. So I'm wondering if hunt was one of those results, because it's kind of like a timeline thing. Hmm.

Ana Hencey (48:17.362)
Mm-hmm. So I don't know, I don't know. Maybe because he is so old and has been around forever. And well, but then like, I mean, if everybody in Midgard, they say like everybody came here, right? Like they came to Midgard, like that was not people's normal home. Like they all immigrated there. So.

Booktrovert Reader (48:24.979)
It's all man, but we think it's hot.

Booktrovert Reader (48:33.304)

Booktrovert Reader (48:44.39)
Right. And I think also to this key word, whatever you want to call him the Prince of Pit was kept calling him Orion. And I think you use that example too, as well as one of those, the stories that Orion never has a happy ending. Yeah.

Ana Hencey (48:55.862)
Orion, yeah.

Ana Hencey (49:04.086)
Mm-hmm. Because he doesn't. Literally every version of him ends with either him being, because eventually how the story ends is, yes, he dies, but then he's turned into the constellation, the star constellation. And also, I didn't fully get through this, but when they were naming off all of the names of the Asteri, I'm pretty sure.

Booktrovert Reader (49:31.892)

Ana Hencey (49:34.486)
Like he's tied to the Asteri maybe somehow as well. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I was like, oh, the names of these are bright stars. Orion the hunter is then a star constellation. And like the names of the, of Orion's belt, like actually are some of those names I believe that are of the Asteri. Don't quote me on that. Cause I was still working through it. And then like, I kind of jumped around a little bit, but I'm...

Booktrovert Reader (49:53.839)

Ana Hencey (50:02.426)
I was like, okay, this is a little strange, but I'm not 100% sure on that one. I think I like wrote it down to like come back to, but again, I feel like he's definitely going to die. I feel like there's something else that's happening with him. He is, he is an experiment. He is an experiment. I don't know that he is a good person in this sense.

Booktrovert Reader (50:23.284)

Booktrovert Reader (50:30.038)
Yeah. I don't know. I guess I'm gonna get some answers. Hopefully. Yeah, I don't think this time because of the spoilers I got from Sky and Breath. I decided that I'm not gonna wait a year to read this third book. I'm just I'm gonna dive in as soon as possible because I don't want it ruined. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I actually I was I just wrote my review. I like the second one a lot better than the

Ana Hencey (50:37.686)
We'll see. Yeah, we'll see.

Ana Hencey (50:50.602)
Well, especially while it's fresh, too.

Booktrovert Reader (50:59.054)
first because there's a lot more POVs, a lot more storylines going on and a lot more connection. And with Cormac Prince Cormac, he can teleport. And they said that he's from an old version of the world where like, oh, no telephones or he's not familiar with the TV or was that

Booktrovert Reader (51:27.198)
the other worlds because he's able to teleport just like Bryce can.

Ana Hencey (51:31.902)
Yes, and so my thought with that was he said he had two cousins that he kept mentioning, that they were never mentioned by name, and my thought was like, oh, is it Rhys and Moore?

Booktrovert Reader (51:43.146)

Ana Hencey (51:46.814)
And like, I don't know, the relationship is strained or whatever. So I don't know. I really don't know. Cause then.

Booktrovert Reader (51:47.15)

Booktrovert Reader (51:52.811)

Booktrovert Reader (51:57.156)
I think we're going to find him down more about him, even though he may have died.

Ana Hencey (52:02.09)
Yeah, well, and then I also thought of like Fenris too, from Throne of Glass, because he can winnow, which I like picked up on the second time. And so I'm like, well, maybe he's related to this somehow as well, because he has the exact same power.

Booktrovert Reader (52:06.23)

Booktrovert Reader (52:11.61)

Booktrovert Reader (52:22.17)

Ana Hencey (52:22.65)
I'm just like, I know the throne of glass world is going to be tied in somehow. I'm just still trying to work out how or who is going to make the appearance because I've had lots of theories about it, but I'm just like, it has to all come together somehow.

Booktrovert Reader (52:31.276)

Booktrovert Reader (52:38.946)
Well, I don't think like it was a total fruition of her plans on doing that until like, I think when she finally was writing Crescent City, and then she was like pulling from that stuff. So I don't know, maybe she had it this whole time. But it's a genius move.

Ana Hencey (52:57.866)
It really is. Like honestly, it really is. It really is. So I don't know. I'm, I'm... So many things. So many things.

Booktrovert Reader (53:06.91)
I know. Um. What else is there to say?

Booktrovert Reader (53:16.862)
Any other theories that you think that you want to talk about that, you know.

Ana Hencey (53:22.598)
I mean, I have a lot of unhinged ones. Ha ha ha.

Booktrovert Reader (53:30.352)
What are your predictions in Crescent City 3 about what may happen and what we might see? What are your predictions?

Ana Hencey (53:39.486)
Um, so obviously the ha I mean the hind we're gonna get a lot more of her. I feel like it's going to be more of her POV in Creston City 3 too. Um, because just of

Booktrovert Reader (53:54.092)

Ana Hencey (53:59.842)
her being a double agent, you know? And then the whole story with Rune and the Oracle, I think is gonna come to fruition in Crescent City 3 because he's worried that the bloodline will end with him. But I am trying to piece it together. Like what exactly does that mean for him? The bloodline ends with you. So like, but why? And what way is this important to the big picture? And so...

Booktrovert Reader (54:02.486)

Ana Hencey (54:30.194)
I know there's going to be like major key players that we know and love that are going to die outside of like who I think, outside of it, of Hunt let's say, I think there's gonna be somebody that dies. And one theory that I had, which is crazy, was that if Bryce like comes back to

Booktrovert Reader (54:38.039)

Ana Hencey (54:59.598)
her world somehow. What does that mean for like her and Hunt? Because if his memory is wiped and he's like brainwashed, let's say, and he doesn't like, what is, like, what is that gonna mean for her? Like, is she gonna open up the gates of hell? Like they were wanting her to in House of Sky and Breath because, and then also.

Booktrovert Reader (55:12.735)

Ana Hencey (55:29.262)
from the Akitar world, we have to remember, I think you say it's, I pronounced it Koshi the first time, but I think it's Kosache, like how you pronounce it actually. I think he's gonna be a key player in this too, because the way that Silver Flames ended, it almost seemed like he...

Booktrovert Reader (55:37.902)

Ana Hencey (55:54.578)
I don't know, it almost seemed like he was already influencing a few people in the inner circle to do what needed to be done in order for him to be released.

Booktrovert Reader (56:04.422)

Ana Hencey (56:06.19)
And I think it's also just with Bryce being there as essentially the fourth item of the Dread Trove, which is maybe why Nesta couldn't see what that item was because she saw when she had done the scrying and she saw.

Um, was it the mask or the harp? When she, like, you know what I'm talking about? Why can't I think? Um, and then she's like, there was another item, but it was blurred out. Maybe it was blurred out because it's, it's Bryce and it's like a physical person. So maybe she saw what we assume would be the horn, but couldn't really tell what it is because it's now in Bryce's back.

Booktrovert Reader (56:27.681)

Booktrovert Reader (56:43.847)
Right. Hmm.

Ana Hencey (56:45.166)
So I don't know, I feel like Kosashe is going to make an appearance and somehow have something to do with like unleashing hell or something.

Booktrovert Reader (56:56.386)
Hmm, I'm gonna have to retouch on Koshy because it's like, who? When I first saw it, I was like, who? Ha ha ha!

Ana Hencey (57:01.382)
Yeah, like yeah, well it's, I, the pronunciations like have gotten me all kinds of crazy because I'm like how do I pronounce this? How do I say this? And I've had to go back and like look, but I don't know. And then we need to know what's under, uh, Romeo.

Booktrovert Reader (57:23.424)
Oh yeah.

Ana Hencey (57:25.146)
And because so there's an altar at the top with a black stone. We know that because Nesta did the blood right, but we don't know what's under it. And Eris hinted at that too, that we know that the prison.

is like one right and then you have under the mountain like they were all trapped under the mountain so he's like there are things under them but why don't we know what's under this one and that's where the whole like dusk court thing comes into play so is this where we get more information on that so i'm assuming that's why there's that interlap there

Booktrovert Reader (58:10.227)
Hmm. Oh boy. Surface level theories, I guess. We can go. It's like it goes so deep and just, it never ends.

Ana Hencey (58:13.651)

Ana Hencey (58:19.794)
It really doesn't. It really doesn't. And like, I don't know. The one thing too, it's like, the whole that somebody pointed out was the Book of Breathings. How it was in the Crescent City, like in Jessabah's library. It's like, well, how did it get there? If it was being used in Throne of Glass?

Booktrovert Reader (58:33.377)
Oh yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (58:40.526)

Ana Hencey (58:47.742)
And it's like, yes, but Crescent City, you have to remember that like, there was a solid two years between Danika dying and then Bryce coming into action. So that's a lot of time. And with Jessaba being Jessaba, we actually don't really know much about her either, which is a little suspect too. It's like,

Booktrovert Reader (59:03.278)

Ana Hencey (59:15.47)
was like, how does she play into this? Because like, obviously, that book makes it to Crescent City somehow. Or is it just another, like, what it like, what does that mean? Because that title, she didn't just casually throw that in there.

Booktrovert Reader (59:25.039)

Booktrovert Reader (59:33.742)
No, but gosh, it's deep. I know Jesibah is going to be a big one. One more question before we end. Danika obviously we only got a little snippet of who Danika was, but as obviously the story of book one and book two is being revealed, Danika is hiding quite a bit. She's a bloodhound. She's a shifter. And she might be a descendant of-

Ana Hencey (59:40.124)

Booktrovert Reader (01:00:02.006)
a big line of shifters and things like that. What do you think your theory is with her playing more part into the third book?

Ana Hencey (01:00:15.366)
I think it'll have to tie in somehow to like maybe Tamlin somehow. I hate to say it, but because he's like the most prominent shifter and he's kind of dormant at the moment in the series, but my thought also is there's also a tie to Tamlin to the throne of glass world.

Booktrovert Reader (01:00:23.223)

Ooh, yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (01:00:32.704)

Ana Hencey (01:00:44.702)
Um, because of the ring that he gives Fera is the same ring that Alyn has when her and Rowan get married. And so how does he have it? And my thought was like, Oh, because of Aidean and Lissandra and Lissandra is a shifter, so he could be a descendant of them somehow, or their bloodlines are somehow connected at some point, but then I'm like, well, if the timelines are happening at the same time, but just like.

Booktrovert Reader (01:01:06.839)

Ana Hencey (01:01:15.35)
You know what I mean? Like they're stacked on top of each other and then time is relative. Like how are these items getting here? Or is this just trying to, yeah. So is it like, is it tying into them somehow? But I feel like maybe Danika is somehow tied to Tamlin because he is the most prominent like shifter. And he's a wolf. He's a wolf. Like his shifter is a wolf. So that would make sense of why she's.

Booktrovert Reader (01:01:20.97)
Yeah, that is a big ticket item. Yeah.

Booktrovert Reader (01:01:33.919)
Oh boy. Yeah.

Ana Hencey (01:01:42.93)
if she did pop up and like more secrets came out, which obviously they will.

Booktrovert Reader (01:01:49.326)
Right. I mean, it is set and like, as she described it, like a lot of their outfits are really back in the day or ancient or something like that. So with Danika researching about her ancestral line or something like that, it does make me wonder if it's connected one way or another.

Ana Hencey (01:02:11.178)
I don't know, I'm still trying to work it out. Like even the whole timeline thing is like is still kind of hard in terms of the other books too. Because I think Feyre's birthday was probably the marker of how to like try to use like how to set everything up.

Booktrovert Reader (01:02:20.32)

Ana Hencey (01:02:32.478)
in terms of like how things played out just because we experience it more than once in the series and then you have like Alyn's birthday.

Booktrovert Reader (01:02:32.497)

Ana Hencey (01:02:42.386)
then there's like the autumnal equinox that they talk about. So you're like, you're like, I'm trying to like, piece it together that way. But then, I don't know, there's just like elements of it. I'm like, how does this work? Like, how is this working? Or are they simply using these gates to try and like

Booktrovert Reader (01:02:52.812)

Ana Hencey (01:03:06.134)
I don't know, like world walk, because I will say too, even in Throne of Glass, Ailin mentioned I will become a world walker. So I don't think that her story is over. And so I feel like they're gonna make an appearance somehow with this, especially because there's question of gates and travel. So.

Booktrovert Reader (01:03:28.019)
Oh gosh.

Ana Hencey (01:03:33.902)
Because she used word marks. And also, I don't know if you noticed this too, but like, urd and word, like the connection there to the throne of glass world. And then, Alyn also called herself the queen of flame and shadow. And we have the house of flame and shadow as the next book.

Booktrovert Reader (01:03:33.914)

Booktrovert Reader (01:03:44.547)

Booktrovert Reader (01:03:54.258)
Ooh, so maybe Aelin will make an appearance in the third book.

Ana Hencey (01:03:57.222)
Yeah, somehow. Because like she, like I, if I was Alyn, and I was like, yeah, let me open up this portal real quick using a word mark. I mean, I'm not gonna just casually let that go. I'm not gonna forget about that. And she's a schemer. So.

Booktrovert Reader (01:04:10.041)

Booktrovert Reader (01:04:16.739)

Ana Hencey (01:04:16.762)
And I'm wondering too, because if Bryce technically like opens the gates because she wielded the horn when she made the drop, does that mean those are the same gates that Alyn closed? And because she opened them, then did her power, did Alyn's power go back to her?

Booktrovert Reader (01:04:37.693)

Ana Hencey (01:04:39.442)
I think I just like completely made your brain mush by telling you this.

Booktrovert Reader (01:04:45.038)
I'm just thinking about like... because one thing I picked up on was when Emile, Sophie's brother, and I thought it was just kind of a weird plot that she was exploring. And I guess the one thing that she did was typical Alyn as well, is she devised this whole thing and went behind Hunt's back.

Ana Hencey (01:04:55.817)

Booktrovert Reader (01:05:11.146)
And then like, oh, surprise. Um, I had this amazing plan and I carried it out without you knowing about it.

Ana Hencey (01:05:15.962)
Mm-hmm, exactly, exactly.

Booktrovert Reader (01:05:19.307)
Yeah, and now also I'm thinking like you said, the house in Flame and Shadow. She might be making an appearance because if she can walk between worlds, she might pop up and say, hey, hello.

Ana Hencey (01:05:31.406)
Or like, this is also something too, and it's completely crazy and it haven't like absolutely worked it out yet, but the fact that in Throne of Glass you have a city named Rift Hold

Booktrovert Reader (01:05:46.335)
Oh, Rift Home, yeah.

Ana Hencey (01:05:47.874)
and we're talking about a northern rift in Crescent City and then in Akhatar, there's mentioned like Amron went through the rift and then all through the throne of glass, it's like, she's trying to figure out this code. Ah, times rift and it's like, are we like, what's happening? What's happening? And she mentioned to like, why I wonder why this castle was built on this specific place.

Booktrovert Reader (01:06:15.171)

Ana Hencey (01:06:15.926)
when talking about the glass castle. So are we foreshadowing here for something? Because I think perhaps we are. And I don't know if I'm just over analyzing, but I was like, that's really strange. Like you have a whole series, this Crescent City series of like, oh, well we don't, like this side of the rift, northern rift, this rift, like make sure these things don't come through this rift. And then you have a city named Rift Hold.

Booktrovert Reader (01:06:43.926)
Yeah, I do remember him, especially the Prince of Hell and all that. They're the ones that specifically are the ones who constantly bring it up. And one thought I had was, you know, you were talking about the for, who was it, Alyn and somebody else that she was able to open the gates and things like that. So Bryce needs a hunt.

Ana Hencey (01:07:08.031)
Uh huh.

Booktrovert Reader (01:07:13.626)
to be able to do that. But she's probably stuck in this other world now, so I'm wondering how she's gonna get back home at this point.

Ana Hencey (01:07:22.942)
I feel like she's gonna have to use Nesta. Because Nesta has that raw power. Her power is death, essentially, but...

Booktrovert Reader (01:07:25.963)

Booktrovert Reader (01:07:29.294)

Didn't she get rid of that just due to saving Farrah and her kid?

Ana Hencey (01:07:37.886)
Yes, but also she's still able to wield the dread trove and she hasn't like she didn't go crazy. Like she didn't she was still able to like take off the maasverse and be fine. Whereas people before that have wielded it weren't able to do so. That's what they alluded to. So I'm assuming because Nesta was made in that way and also she has her sword that her power flowed to.

Booktrovert Reader (01:07:43.894)

Booktrovert Reader (01:07:54.522)

Ana Hencey (01:08:08.086)
So she's able to send her power into objects. So I'm assuming then that Nesta will be able to like kind of give Bryce like a push up her power to be able to access it or yeah, or to be able to, I mean, they're probably, I mean, they're gonna use the horn. They're gonna use the horn, but like, it would have to be.

Booktrovert Reader (01:08:22.751)
or to be the right.

Ana Hencey (01:08:34.298)
Nesta just because it's she's got that raw power or maybe not mean it could be Rhys too because he's the most powerful Highlord that they've ever had or whatever but I Think it's gonna come back to Nesta especially because Technically Bryce her fit her physical self. She is part of the dread trove

Booktrovert Reader (01:08:55.604)
Oh boy.

Booktrovert Reader (01:08:59.658)
Alright, I hit a lot. It's pretty cool. I think we're gonna get a lot of answers and a lot of unanswered questions in the third book. So I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I mean, I'm looking at the picture. He has a knife on his chest. He has a wolf, four spears. I mean, I don't know.

Ana Hencey (01:09:00.658)
I know, I know.

Ana Hencey (01:09:09.279)

Booktrovert Reader (01:09:33.562)
I think I saw you set the one with the face in it. I don't have that special edition one, but I thought that was interesting that was there too.

Ana Hencey (01:09:43.882)
Yeah, I'm like, what is that? What's this creepy figure in this window?

Booktrovert Reader (01:09:48.618)
Yeah, it's not on here. So unless it was artist mistake, but.

Ana Hencey (01:09:52.746)
It's on the, it's on like, it's on the special edition, the Barnes and Noble special edition, the paperback one, and it's on the, like the back covers are like flipped. So it's like on that little flipped corner of the special edition of the paperback. And I was just like casually flipping through and I was like, what is that? That looks strange.

Booktrovert Reader (01:09:59.438)

Booktrovert Reader (01:10:08.734)
Right. And it looks like pipes to me.

Booktrovert Reader (01:10:18.37)
Oh, and one eye is gold and one eye is black.

Ana Hencey (01:10:22.814)
Mm-hmm. And the same with... Well, I think it goes back to the whole, like, valg thing. Or because, I mean... I don't know. And the same thing with the House of Flame and Shadow cover, too. If you split the face, like one has the black around the eye and the other one is like a normal eye.

Booktrovert Reader (01:10:25.146)
Do you have a theory about that?

Ana Hencey (01:10:49.058)
So I don't know what that means. I do feel like there's gonna be like either something like it's hell is playing a role in this unless the Astari themselves are also valid which could very well be true.

Booktrovert Reader (01:11:06.746)
Hm. Ah.

Ana Hencey (01:11:08.59)
because they're essentially feeding on the essence of people to survive while it's not like, you know, like drinking their blood or anything, but like...

Booktrovert Reader (01:11:23.689)
What if they're calling themselves Prince of Hell, whatever, but they're really Valg Just in the end of the day, that's who they are.

Ana Hencey (01:11:30.706)
Maybe, maybe. I don't know. But it's like, there's seven princes of hell, there's seven of Asteri there's the seven planets, there's like the this unholy number that is seven. There's seven archangels, right? So how does this all I'm trying to figure out like

Booktrovert Reader (01:11:35.858)
Oh, jeez.

Booktrovert Reader (01:11:51.402)

Ana Hencey (01:11:58.978)
where this is all going because like she likes that number that number is there for a reason. So I'm just trying to figure out why.

Booktrovert Reader (01:12:04.001)

Ana Hencey (01:12:10.27)
and like Regulus or Regulus, however you say his name, the bright hand.

Booktrovert Reader (01:12:15.498)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, I was wondering about that why they kept saying the bright hand. I'm like, what does I have to do with anything?

Ana Hencey (01:12:22.47)
I don't know. I really, that I don't know, but I will say like one of the names of the stars on Orion the Consolation is, I wanna say Rigel, R-I-G-E-L. So I'm just gonna leave you with that. As like, oh, it's one of the brightest stars in the sky. So Orion the Hunter, hunt.

Booktrovert Reader (01:12:34.719)

Booktrovert Reader (01:12:47.15)

Ana Hencey (01:12:51.902)
Rigelous or Regulus. And then actually the brightest star in the sky is named Rigel or I don't know how you say it. So like and that is actually in Orion the constellation. So like that connection that's why I'm saying like what this is.

Ana Hencey (01:13:17.43)
Hunt, I don't think, is a good person. I don't think he knows that because he's being mind controlled. So...

Booktrovert Reader (01:13:29.002)
It's so hard because I had that theory again, like I said, like, oh, he wiped his mind, but then in the synopsis of the third book, he's well aware of Bryce and all this stuff. So I'm like, ah, that girl's my theory. But

Ana Hencey (01:13:42.646)
I mean, I think he's still being manipulated somehow. Cause like, you know how Rhys can make somebody do something with his mind control? I mean, it could be the same power that's being established here, especially if it's the asteris that's dishing it out. Because if they're, and this is also just a theory, but if they're consuming this first light and second light or whatever.

Booktrovert Reader (01:13:50.402)

Ana Hencey (01:14:09.73)
and that's essentially a drop of that person's power. So what if you have somebody who is, that's part of this, that's giving up a part of that power, right, and you're consuming it. So of course maybe you're gonna have access to that kind of power.

Booktrovert Reader (01:14:27.83)
Alright, now it's hitting me. I'm like, alright, this is scope of my expertise. I- Oh man. I think the names is what hard. It's like you're just trying- I think I had to like look up Regulus, you know, for example. I'm like, who is that? And nobody can come up. I had some medical turns pop up and I was like, okay, I'm just gonna stop going down that. And yeah, it's- we'll see. I guess we'll see when the third one comes out. And we'll just have a whole new set of videos that-

Ana Hencey (01:14:53.179)

Booktrovert Reader (01:14:57.911)
we will be discussing because, you know, it's going to have more nuggets in there.

Ana Hencey (01:15:02.194)
Uh oh, 100%. So many more nuggets. So many more nuggets. I just... yeah, I don't know. Like...

Booktrovert Reader (01:15:06.274)

Ana Hencey (01:15:11.678)
The fact that the brightest star is actually on Orion, the consolation, and then you have Orion, aka Hunt, interacting with the Asteri somehow. I don't know if it's maybe, I don't know. I think, we'll obviously find out, but like, he's be- he's a puppet. He's being a puppet.

He's being played somehow, someway somehow.

Booktrovert Reader (01:15:45.411)

Booktrovert Reader (01:15:49.365)
Maybe he has a stone in him that he just doesn't know about.

Ana Hencey (01:15:53.114)

Booktrovert Reader (01:15:55.106)
I mean, Cal tamed it, no.

Ana Hencey (01:15:59.526)
Or like I said, like, what is, like, who is his, like, we don't know anything about his history. We know nothing about his history.

Booktrovert Reader (01:16:09.499)

Ana Hencey (01:16:10.43)
Not, I mean, not really. There's nothing that's been confirmed outside of what was blatantly told to us. So it's like all speculation. That's why I'm like, well, maybe he was bred by the Prince of the Pit. But then also Bryce made a comment of how, like when he was in his like rage days, where she's like, oh, I've seen this before. And she references him to Thur.

Booktrovert Reader (01:16:33.056)

Ana Hencey (01:16:33.154)
that statue that she was researching for the Fae Archives. And it was like, he's like the god of thunder and lightning. So it's almost like SJM has been alluding to the fact that like Hunt is somehow related to Thurr. So what if that was his father?

Booktrovert Reader (01:16:59.635)
Gosh, the stalwart moment. I am M. Jofalda. So guess time will tell. We might figure it out eight years from now, three books later, maybe. New series. Who?

Ana Hencey (01:16:59.934)
I don't know.

Ana Hencey (01:17:03.43)
I don't know

Ana Hencey (01:17:08.662)
15 days.

Ana Hencey (01:17:13.952)

I'll be well into retirement probably. Yes.

Booktrovert Reader (01:17:19.21)
I'd be passing these books on to my children and their heritants and I should annotate them because they'll be like, this is archived. This is gold.

Ana Hencey (01:17:30.974)
Yeah, imagine. I bet her stuff is gonna be so expensive like 50 years from now, 100 years from now, especially if it's annotated. Keep it. Keep it. Put all your notes in it. People will buy it.

Booktrovert Reader (01:17:37.85)

Booktrovert Reader (01:17:41.534)
Yes. And they're going to like laugh at our video and going, hey, you knew.

Ana Hencey (01:17:48.134)
I know, but that's the beauty of it, right? It's like when you have an ongoing series, like just like this piece of it is so fun because like I said, she's so smart. She's so smart. Like to be able to even weave something like this together is, I mean, like I said, like I was 16, just hanging out, burning CDs in my parents' house. And here she is just publishing books.

Booktrovert Reader (01:17:58.008)

Booktrovert Reader (01:18:06.628)

Booktrovert Reader (01:18:13.558)

Booktrovert Reader (01:18:23.27)
So just to wrap everything up, just say because you know I invited you on your you know your own bookstagram, say what your username is, how we can find you and definitely I will be putting all her show notes or her links in the show notes and definitely give her a follow because I'm pretty sure she's not done yet with her theories.

Ana Hencey (01:18:44.814)
Yes, yeah, I'm on Bookstagram. I post pretty regularly, but yeah, you can find me at and that's A-N-A-I-D. Yeah, I'm sure there's gonna be more unhinged theories as time goes on, especially over the next 15 days because I'm gonna also probably go back and like reread certain parts of other books, especially.

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:01.604)

Ana Hencey (01:19:10.754)
Silver Flames, maybe towards the end. Just because there's a lot of things. A lot of things in that one for like the last third that you're like, oh my God, what just happened? But yeah, come hang out. I like to start some chaos. If you read the...

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:14.051)

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:20.306)

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:29.687)
Your choo- yeah, that's your thing. I choose chaos today. I'm like, yes!

Ana Hencey (01:19:32.758)
Well, I mean, I think I bring it up because like, I feel like people don't really talk about some of these things and you have some people that are like, oh my gosh, yeah, this is for sure. And then other people are like, absolutely not. I don't like it. I'm like, it's cool if you don't. I'm just trying to talk about it, bring it to light, have a friendly conversation. But there are some passionate people out there and I'm so happy they're around because it makes it fun. It keeps it interesting. So yeah, if you wanna.

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:55.169)

Booktrovert Reader (01:19:59.566)

Ana Hencey (01:20:01.718)
Stir the pot a little bit. Come hang out. Yeah, stir the cauldron with me. Come hang out.

Booktrovert Reader (01:20:04.27)
Well, the cauldron.

Booktrovert Reader (01:20:11.578)
All right. Well, readers, thank you for joining this fun episode of bringing on a master's theory expert on here. I have learned so much. I had pulled out some theories that I didn't know that was deep in me, so I'm impressed with myself. Definitely leave a theory in the comments below. I would love to hear it. I bet Anna would love to hear more theories because I'm pretty sure she will go down that route and, you know, figure out that theory as well. So definitely.

Keep joining us, like and subscribe and everyone have a wonderful day.

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