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Mini Book Review of House of Sky and Breath w/ SPOILERS!

January 23, 2024 Charity the Booktrovert Reader Season 3 Episode 46
Booktrovert Reader Podcast
Mini Book Review of House of Sky and Breath w/ SPOILERS!
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In this conversation, the host reviews the book 'The House of Sky and Breath' and discusses various aspects of the story. The conversation includes a spoiler warning and covers multiple themes such as the multiple POVs and depth of the story, pacing and enjoyment, confusion in the prologue, Danica's secrets, Bryce's loyalty to Danica, the balance between smut and fantasy plot, Bryce and Hunt's connection, a plot twist, and the host's excitement for the third book in the series.

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  • The multiple POVs in 'The House of Sky and Breath' add depth to the story and allow for different perspectives.
  • The pacing in this book is enjoyable from beginning to end, unlike the previous book in the series.
  • Danica's character is filled with secrets, and it remains to be seen why she is hiding them from Bryce.
  • The balance between smut and fantasy plot may not appeal to all readers, as some prefer more focus on the fantasy elements.

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Charity (00:00.078)
read The House of Sky and Breath.

Hello readers, welcome back. I'm Book Travert Reader. Now this is your only warning that this will have spoilers. This will talk about from beginning to end almost and you haven't read it yet. I would definitely recommend come back, save this video, come back another day because I will be talking about this book and all the spoilers that's in it.

So I finally got around to reading that this year about 15 days out from a house of flame and shadow cc3 being released I knew I needed to finally read this this book was spoiled for me i'm not gonna lie I so happened to read a spoiler and they didn't like Tell me that it was a spoiler. So I found out before reading this what the ending is about Did it still surprise me how it went down?

Yes, I enjoyed that, but I just kind of wish I went in not knowing it, but it is what it is at this point. I certainly enjoyed this a lot more than the House of Earth and Blood, reason being is because of the fact that this had multiple POVs of Therian, Rune, and Hunt, and well as Bryce.

I felt like there were so many different storylines going on with their perspectives and with other characters that were involved with the story that it added a lot more depth to the story and the plot. I always struggle with pacing when it comes to books. Sometimes, and a lot of times for me anyways, is that there's always like this dry spell to me that makes it super hard for me to get through and it's usually between 60 and 80 percent of the book.

Charity (01:46.894)
once I get through it, I'm fine. And from what I remember from the Earth and Blood, that it was really kind of almost not boring. I wouldn't say boring, but it was hard to get through until the last 200 pages. But this one to me, I enjoyed it from the very beginning to the very end, which is really good. When I first started this, it did seem like the prologue is about Sophie, who is a rebel, who it kind of reminded me of an X -Men movie.

So I was kind of confused for a second there because of her powers and what was happening at the moment. And I was like, okay, what's going on? But there's point to that prologue. It needed to be set up for Bryce to go down another worm home of Danica and all the secrets that she's involved with. And...

you know, and the plot going as the way it did. I felt like it was slightly unnecessary with Sophie and Bryson Hunt and all them hunting down Sophie's brother who supposedly they thought it was a thunderbird and it wasn't. I understood why it was in there, but I felt like it was a necessary part of the plot. That said, Danica, let's talk about Danica because it seems like she went down another wormhole of...

I have a lot of secrets that I didn't tell Bryce situation and I'm like, how many more secrets can this woman have that kept from Bryce? Because I wrote it down, like some of the secrets and definitely let me know below in the comments if I forgot something. So Danica is a bloodhound. She's somewhat involved with the rebels.

She's been going behind everyone's backs, you know, looking into ancestral shape shifters and finding a way to portal through other worlds. And Danica had a mate. Like seriously, like how many more secrets does this girl have? She put a horn on Bryce's back, got it tattooed on her without telling her and all this stuff. And it's just crazy about how many things that Danica is hiding from Bryce.

Charity (03:58.382)
When I was reading some of the comments, I, you know, a lot of people were like, she, you know, what kind of a friend Danica is? And I'm really hoping either in the third or possibly fourth book, we don't know if there's a fourth book yet, but that we kind of get a insight as to why Danica was kind of hiding a lot of this because right now there is no rhyme or reason why Danica is hiding these secrets. Bryce doesn't even know who this person is. We'll see. I wonder how long it's gonna take for Bryce to kind of -

like this is crap because she's been loyal up to this point to Danica still and now it's like I'm wondering when it's going to be at that point where it's like I'm not going to put up with this crap. She was a crappy friend. We'll see. I don't think she'll ever come to that point because Bryce is really loyal. This is agreed to disagree moment with some people. I you know with reading being so subjective I did find that the smut in this book was a little a little much for me just because of the fact that when I go into a fantasy book I do want more fantasy plot.

more than the smut fantasy romance aspect of it. I like it more of a subplot than a main focus. You know, Bryce and Hunt, they couldn't wait till Winter Solstice, so they decided to like hook up and shack up. But it took a long time throughout the book, so there was a lot of pining, a lot of, you know, unnecessary moments I felt like in the book that I just felt like, okay, we could have done without it, you know? You know, we could have shaved like,

I don't know, 20 pages off the book just by editing out some of the smut. You know, I know a lot of people like that kind of stuff, but I personally felt like, hey, it really is kind of trashy, but you know, whatever. I am glad that they finally got together and I'm glad that Hunt and Bryce is mated per se. And I think it's really cool that Bryce...

She's the battery and Hunt was able to charge up her powers and I think that's gonna be super interesting to see in the next book. The big plot twist that happened the last 50 pages was that not only did Bryce teleport or hop worlds to a parithian, finally him and Rune finally got captured and this guy, I can't remember his name anymore.

Charity (06:16.526)
I was in the middle of the book, even this guy, I was like, who is this guy? And I have no idea who this guy is. But he's a bad guy, apparently. And basically, instead of killing him, I think he probably disconnected the mating bond that's between Bryce and Hunt. That's my theory, that's what happened, but things went down and I'm kind of wondering what's gonna happen to Rune as well. I am more excited about the third book. I've never been really into the Crescent City series. When I first read the book, I was like,

okay it's okay but when i read the second one i really got into the series because i think i like the multi -universe thing that's going on and a lot of things are connected so i'm looking forward to the third book being released on january 30th. i'm excited i am looking forward to it. well that's all i gotta say about this book. later readers, bye!

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