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Books I Read in July and My August TBR

August 01, 2023 Charity the Booktrovert Reader Season 1 Episode 22
Booktrovert Reader Podcast
Books I Read in July and My August TBR
Booktrovert Reader Podcast
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Hello readers! How can July be over with already? Wow, the time is flying by. In this episode, I will go over some of the books that I have read in July. Also, what I hopefully will read in August.

Some books discussed are: 

Court by Tracy Wolff

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Just One Drop by Quinn Loftis

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July Read and August TBR 2023



 3s Hello, readers. This is Charity, your host, a booktrovert reader. I'm coming with you with some reads for July. I definitely kind of read a lot, especially a lot of indie authors. This month I had a lot of good books that I picked up, and I'm pretty excited about them and sharing them with you. This is a spoiler free review and it's just my thoughts, and I'm just going to give you kind of an idea of my August TBR. This August TBR is not solid as a mood reader, you just don't know what you might be in the mood of in the moment. So I'm going to give you the best what I can and we'll go from there. Okay? So I did finish Court by Tracy Wolf. I really like that book because of the fact that a lot of the plot did develop in that story. If you followed any of the books, it definitely has evolved and a lot is happening in that book concerning the main protagonist and things like that. The only thing I just ripped and complained about the most about this book was the fact that my mate and my curls has her hair curls was mentioned so many times in that book that I just was rolling my eyes quite a bit when I kept seeing those phrases. But I got through it. That book was kind of long for my taste. It just felt like there was a lot of details that wasn't really necessary, but the storyline and the uniqueness of the creativity of the story was good enough to keep going and keep engaged. So I really liked it. The only thing I was surprised about was in Court. It does feel like everything that happened in book one, two and three and the majority of the fourth book finally came to conclusion in the fourth book. But as we all know, there is a fifth and 6th book that's out as well. The way that it was wrapped up in that fourth book, I would have been okay with moving on from the series. I felt like it just ended well in its own way, and I felt like, all right, let's wrap this story up, the series up, and let's move on. Instead, Tracy Wolf did create two more books, and I'm kind of like, what else are we adding to this story? Because I felt like it could have just ended there. So I am kind of curious in continuing on to the fifth and 6th book. I know a lot of people who really liked those books regardless, but I don't know, we'll see how it goes eventually. Pick it up. I'm just taking a break from the series now. I did do my first ever reread this year. I don't normally do rereads because of the fact that there's so many books that I'm trying to read, new books, arcs. I'm constantly reading something new and I feel like I'm so far behind on every book. And a lot of people may not know about this, but me, I just kind of really pay. Picked up reading four years ago, and I feel like from when I stopped reading. To when I picked up reading, like, I stopped reading in 2011 and I picked up reading back in 2019, that I felt like there was a lot happening, a lot of books got published, a lot of things got published, and I'm still trying to catch up on those books. Now there's a whole new set of series and books that are coming out like crazy. And I feel like I'm drowning in all these new books that are coming out. And I kept just, like, struggling to keep up with it. And then I'm seeing people post about series that they already finished, and I'm like, I haven't even started that series yet. It's not because I don't want to or not interested. It's just because I'm literally just trying to start or finish books that I've started. There's a series like the Kingdom of the Lost Cities series. I started the book, I would say, like, two years ago because since then I bought a lot more books and I totally got sidetracked with that. So with that all said, I did reread fallen Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I love that book. The same first time I ever read it, a year and a half ago, I felt like it was very unique. I love the characters. Now, this book does feature quite a bit of multiple POVs, and it can get a little chaotic, but I personally felt I mean, I was able to keep up with it just because I did listen to the audio version of this, and I felt the narrator did such an amazing job of making each character unique and distinct. And he was a male narrator, so I felt like he did a really great job. And even the female characters and the male characters separate from each other. All that and said it's a lot to read, but I think the world is so unique and so built well that you don't get overwhelmed with the storyline or the characters, but you get slowly introduced to everything and you kind of really feel these people. And I think it's just something you have to pick up and try once to see if you like it. One of the other books I read was called Just One Drop By Quinn Loftus. She writes a wolf shifter series. And this is the third book in the series. These series is based off of these three best friends of each other. The first two books is about Jacqueline and Bane's romance their mates, and now it's about Jennifer, which is the other friend, the second friend of the trio. It's her and Decibel, which Decibel is also a wolf shifter. It's just kind of an angsty romance between the two because I guess they're supposed to show signs of a mating bond between the werewolves and her, but they weren't showing it because she's a dormant wolf. So I really liked it. It's a very easy read and would highly recommend I can't wait to continue the series. I have the other books. So I did read Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes. This is book two. A lot has happened I don't want talk about it too much especially if you haven't read Fallen Kingdoms yet. I found that this. Particular book introduced a lot more POVs that I wasn't expecting. One thing I had to say is don't get attached to a character because they might die in it. There's no hesitation. It's gruddy, it's violent in its own way, and the rulers are very cruel in this book. And you see that a lot, quite a bit in this book. You just don't know when they're going to do something to end someone's life for the sake of conquering more power in this kingdom. So I like that. I posted this episode. All that Glitters Is Not Gold by Linda Ling. I finished that book, and I felt like it was really, really good. It's a prequel to her trilogy in the Land of the sun trilogy, and it basically kind of sets everything up to how did the last Queen of the Fay came to be? How did it fall? There's like a forbidden romance in it, because she does fall in love with a human, which a human is considered a they're really mistreated in this society, I guess. On the Day of Janella, which is the princess who's going to be Queen of the Fay was crowned. There was a prophecy spoken over her saying that she's going to change everything basically as a ruler in the downfall of the Fay. And I guess through one incidence and situation over another, know she has a human as her bodyguard and she eventually falls in love. And I really like this story. It has a lot of unique perspectives, and you get to see a lot of how did the guy become this character, become who he is and all this stuff. And I feel like especially at the end, I do kind of see where you need to read the trilogy before you read the prequel, just because you're not going to get the ending satisfaction that you want, because you just don't understand what is happening. I personally feel like I wished I read the trilogy first before the prequel, just because I just kind of want to understand every person that created this world. Okay, so 1s I read about maybe 17 books this month. I'm in desperate need of keeping up with my goal. I'm constantly one or two books behind of my 200 books that I want to read, so I'm trying to get them done. I have a lot of things planned for my reading month in August. I'm looking into a lot of retellings. I'm continuing on the Fallen Kingdom series just because I really would love to finish that series and maybe hopefully start a new one. I really want to get to 2s Caraval. I think I said that right. I probably butchered it by Stephanie Garber. I really want to start that because I did read Once Upon a Broken Heart. Even though it's not necessary to read that trilogy first before Once Upon a Broken Heart, I just want to get myself more in that world and to understand it more, because I feel like, from what I heard, it kind of sets up that. World and sets up the scene a lot better. So I just want to see if that's true. And then I'm hoping to read a lot of indie authors, either off of Kindle Unlimited or the ones I find here and there. I want to get to maybe one more book, a Quinn Loftis book. I just feel like I'm biting off more than I can chew, but oddly enough. A lot of the Kindle Unlimited books are under 300 pages, so I do feel like that is very attainable. I don't have any Arcs scheduled for this month, for August, so I'm very excited about that, because that means I can kind of read what I want, whatever I want. And it's interesting enough, is that when you think about Arcs, you think, oh, it's free books. But then it's like when you're a mood reader and you have a deadline to fill, sometimes you're not filling that book, if that makes any sense, just because of the fact that you're kind of being told what to read and you don't feel like reading it. But I read it anyways. I read it on time. But sometimes it's not always the easiest to do when you have, like, ten books on your Kindle Unlimited or on your Kindle, and you're like, I'd rather read that one. That's what I'm moving. I'm in the mood for pirates, not a magical dragon romance. Yeah. I'm looking forward to this month. I am making some plans for the next four months. I'm really hoping that I'll have a lot of content available and keep you guys up to date. If you have any suggestions about any books that you want to hear about, read about, definitely reach out to me. Keep an eye out for any Instagram updates regarding episodes that are going live. I would love to hear from you. All right, well, catch you later, readers. 

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